whats ur fav movie

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I LOVE EDWARD OMG I have Edward on my shirt!


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Were supost to talk about that baby but im just going to talk about who  he reminds me of.The baby reminds me of my 5 year old nephew when he got out of bed in the middle of the night and got into the fridge and grabed chocolete cake, and eggs,sour cream, yogurt and brought all that stuff up to his room and smered it all over his wall’s.The baby’s face looked  exactly like my nephew’s face when my sister saw his room.

short story about fruit loops

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My name is fruity im a fruity froot loop,im orange,blue,green,yellow,pink and purple. Im different because im a super fruit loop because im multiple colored.Things that creep me out our crazy stalkers that smokes pot.Thing that make me happy (MY SQUISHY PILLOW)The things that I value would be my fat fat cat peetie and also my 2 pitbulls (Ginger Jasper)!

Mr.Heinz class

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My Review on every thing

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You may think Im just crazy about twilight but im not i like alot of  other thing oh and JENNY Im not a prep if i were a prep i wouldn’t go camping!Oh and i wouldn’t let my 2 pit bulls and cat’s sleep with me and they get hair every where!And i wouldn’t go horse back ridding or go in the woods!Any way  everyone think’s the only thing i like is twilight but its not i love animals and alot of  other stuff             The white pit bull and the black one look just like my 2 pit bulls ginger and jasper!

The white 1 is ginger and the black 1 is jaspar


Things about me

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I’m obsesed with twilight i have brown hair and green eyes .

I love movies like harry potter, remember  me and the twilight saga um well I  love music like lady gaga Justin Bieber, Ke$sha also black eyed peas young money and Taylor swift