HUGE Move!

My name is Tayla I’m an average  clumsy 13 year old girl.I’m so glad that the school year is almost over because there’s this new girl she is so fat when she walks she jiggles  she is so annoying .She probably is like jelly or whatever and she seriously needs to lay off the french fries.OH MY GOD like 5 minutes ago the hottest guy like just asked me out AKA his name is (KEVIN).(Screaming) ah ah ah your ruining my life like no way we cant move . I have a  perfect life I’m  dating the hottest guy in school I have the coolest friends.Hey (kevin).Hi whats wrong  were moving I’m sorry by.(Voom) Here we are California (ya Sarcastically) (ring,ring,ring) HI you must be are transfer student hi miss Putuna I”m Tayla . Well Tayla take a seat next to Jorden Kay!(Blah Blah  Blah) Tayla and Jordan fall in love yada yada . Oh my god tayla just died in a car axident

The girl above is Tayla my step sister.


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